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By Shiraz Dossa

From the time she set the highbrow international on fireplace along with her reflections on Eichmann (1963), Hannah Arendt has been visible, basically, as a literary commentator who had fascinating issues to assert approximately political and cultural concerns. during this serious research, Shiraz Dossa argues that Arendt is a political theorist within the feel during which Aristotle is a theorist, and that the major to her political thought lies within the dual notions of the “public realm” and the “public self”.

during this paintings, the writer explains how Arendt’s unconventional and debatable perspectives make experience at the terrain of her political idea. He exhibits that her judgement on thinkers, actors, and occasions as various as Plato, Marx, Machiavelli, Freud, Conrad, Hobbes, Hitler, the Holocaust, the French Revolution, and ecu colonialism stream at once from her political conception.

Tracing the origins of this thought to Homer and Periclean Athens, Dossa underlines Arendt’s distinctive contribution to reinventing the assumption and the correct of citizenship, reminding us that the general public realm is the locus of friendship, group, id, and in a definite experience, humanity. Arendt believes that not anyone who prefets his or her deepest curiosity to public affairs within the previous feel can declare to be totally human or really very good.

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85 The past which is made to speak in her writings is that of Homer and the Athens of Pericles. In the Western imagination, Homer's tragic vision of human existence has been an enduring, if not always acknowledged, source of inspiration. "86 Indeed their tragedies may be seen as variations on themes pioneered by Homer: suffering, joy, glory, death locked into an eternal contest in life. Seeing in Homer his great rival, Plato felt obliged to ridicule him and his conception of life. That Plato respected Homer as a great poet is clear enough.

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