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By David Zindell

From the writer of 'Neverness' comes a strong epic myth sequence, the Ea Cycle, as wealthy as Tolkien and as magical because the Arthurian myths. this is often the climactic ultimate quantity. the area of Ea is an historic international settled in eons previous by means of the big name humans. although, their ancestors floundered of their goal to create a very good stellar civilisation at the new planet: they fell into ethical decay. Now a champion has been born who will lead them again to greatness, through a religious -- and adventurous -- quest for Ea's Grail: the Lightstone. His identify is Valashu Elahad, and he's destined to develop into King. Blessed (or cursed?) with an empathy for all dwelling issues, he'll lead his humans into the lands of Morjin, into the center of darkness, wielding a mystical sword known as Alkadadur, there to recuperate the legendary Lightstone and go back in triumph along with his prize. yet Morjin isn't really to be vanquished so simply! this can be the fourth and ultimate quantity of the epic Ea Cycle. The conflict can be fought, mysteries unravelled, the braveness of Valashu verified to its restrict. the explanation the Valari got here to Ea from the celebs should be made recognized.

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Sar Jessu cried out, looking at me. 'Always, the Maitreya! ' At this, a hundred warriors stared straight at me. I, too, had shared in their delusion. In truth, I had engendered it. 'We believed,' Sar Jessu went on, 'that the Maitreya would lead us to victory. ' Again, the warriors around me struck their swords against the wooden tables. Then Lord Harsha's single eye swept around the hall as he regarded the warriors sternly. And he reminded them, 'The Shining One will come forth, as has been promised in the Trian Prophecies and the Progressions.

If it takes him a hundred years, he will conquer Ea's free lands one by one until he has the Nine Kingdoms surrounded. ' As I paused to take a sip of beer, a half dozen speculations and arguments broke out among the warriors standing around me. The hall filled with the stridor of angry and confused voices. ' Maram called out. 'Of course we will! Ah, that is, a few knights and diehards will fight, while my father tries to make terms. He is no fool, and he'll no more want to stand isolated against the Red Dragon than would any other king even, I might add.

I told him. 'No - and so Lord Tanu has said that Mesh must have a new king, and soon, if we don't want to wind up like Anjo. Lord Tomavar has said the same thing. ' Lord Harsha shrugged his shoulders as his face fell sad and grave. He muttered into his cup of brandy: 'These are bad times, the worst of times, so who can blame an old man for wanting to see his daughter well-wed and give his grandson his first sword? Now, in your father's day, and your grandfather's, no one would ever have thought that -' 'Lord Harsha,' I said, with greater force.

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