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By Ruwantissa Abeyratne

Opposed to the variegated history of misunderstanding and wary optimism that area transportation deals, this booklet starts off with an exposé on foreign politics, the foundations of which, undergo upon house transportation, in addition to the closeness of air area and outer area, and actions that straddle either frontiers while. It discusses present concerns and chances of communications and transportation in outer area, in addition to the liabilities and responsibility of the major gamers of area exploration.

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Space Security Law

Opposed to the variegated heritage of confusion and wary optimism that house transportation deals, this publication starts off with an exposé on overseas politics, the foundations of which, endure upon house transportation, in addition to the closeness of air house and outer house, and actions that straddle either frontiers whilst.

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In the field of international space law, two clearly connected terms have been used: liability and responsibility. Although “responsibility” has not been cohesively 3 Is There Life in Outer Space? 35 interpreted in any legal treaty relating to outer space, “liability” occurs in the Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects, March 29 1972 (Liability Convention) and is sufficiently clear therein. This, however, does not mean that State responsibility is not relevant to the obligations of States law as, in international relations, the invasion of a right or other legal interest of one subject of the law by another inevitably creates legal responsibility.

Those with good credentials are so blurred, so distant or so ambiguous that they simply add a further dimension to the 34 3 Is There Life in Outer Space? problem: why, if UFOs exist, and in an age when many people carry cameras with them most of the time, have we not obtained better photographic evidence? Perhaps the strongest evidence we have is from the effects caused by UFOs on surrounding objects, particularly machinery. In November 1967 a truck and a car approaching each other on a Hampshire road in the United States in the early hours of the morning simultaneously suffered engine failure when a large egg-shaped object crossed the road between them.

The surest proof would be actually to get hold of one, and there are persistent rumours that certain governments, notably that of the United States, have indeed obtained a UFO, which is kept in total secrecy. However this remains mere conjecture, despite the sworn affidavits of alleged witnesses. Indeed, the whole matter of governmental involvement – or the lack of it – is a further and fascinating aspect of the UFO controversy. In the absence of a real UFO that we can touch and examine, there is a great deal of evidence of the phenomenon in the form of a mass of photographs and a handful of movies.

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