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By Miles Fleming (auth.)

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It is not possible therefore, without a precise knowledge of the structure of these time lags, and of how they interact, to predict the effects on interest rates and current expenditures of a given increase in the supply of money. One possible outcome, for example, of the latter change is 56 that interest rates may fluctuate (28, 48]. Initially they will fall in order to induce the absorption into portfolios of the increased money supply, while current expenditures remain more or less unchanged.

22). It is, of course, striking that both writers are making (different) asymmetric assumptions about the formation of the two sets of expectations. If Friedman's assumptions are correct for all situations, there will be a systematic connection between the supply of money and the levels of national output and prices, even after 'long and variable lags'. If Keynes' scepticism is justified, the connection will be more complex. The dispute is essentially one of whether or not the connection between money and economic activity can be stated in a few generalisations.

But the analytical study of how these operate has only recently attracted much attention [38]. This means, unfortunately, that we do not yet have an adequate macroeconomic model into which to fit the monetary analysis of Section 5 above. One can only sketch some possibilities. An increase in the supply of money will cause a time-lagged reduction in interest rates. Given the expected rates of return on real assets (expected profits for brevity), this will raise current expenditures on goods. But expected profits may be changing during the time taken for interest rates to fall.

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