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Download Historical Roots of the Old Testament (1200-63 BCE) by Richard D. Nelson PDF

By Richard D. Nelson

A thorough assessment of the historical past of historical Israel for learn and lecture room use

Richard D. Nelson charts the start of the Iron Age and the emergence of Israel and its literature, together with the kingdoms of Israel and Judah, the downfall of Israel, Judah within the Assyrian and Babylonian classes, Yehud and Persia, and the Hellenistic interval. every one bankruptcy presents a precis of the interval into consideration, a historic reconstruction of the interval, in accordance with biblical and extrabiblical proof; a serious examine of the biblical literature deriving from or linked to the interval, and theological conclusions that readers may possibly draw from the correct biblical texts.


  • Balanced assurance of debatable topics
  • Extensive bibliographies firstly of every chapter
  • Lists of rulers and key dates for reference and school room use

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1000 BCE) 23 the self-identity of these highland settlers from their urban Canaanite antagonists with their kings and aristocratic military class. A third possibility is that an avoidance of decorated pottery might have served as an ethnic contrast marker over against the Philistines. As we shall see below, the second stage in Philistine ceramic culture, after an initial Monochrome phase associated with their Aegean heritage, was the use of more highly decorated Bichrome ware later in the Iron I period (perhaps after about 1140).

The Hebrew Bible provides evidence of pilgrimage to and veneration of the tombs of ancestral heroes. This must have been another mechanism for the preservation and development of traditions. Probably revered tombs were places where stories about worthy forebears were preserved and retold. Joshua’s burial site in Ephraim (Josh 24:30), for 1. The Emergence of Israel (ca. 1200–ca. 1000 BCE) 39 example, indicates that he was a folk hero belonging to that tribe, even though the book of Joshua puts him in charge of the conquest of territory that is mostly in Benjamin.

The most important effect for Palestine was the settlement of the Philistines on its southern coast. This colonization was the result of either Egyptian strategy or impotence. It is possible that Philistine settlement in coastal Canaan actually preceded the reign of Ramesses III. Nevertheless, he claims, concerning several groups including Philistines, “I settled them in strongholds, bound in my name” (ANET, 262). Of course this may be a cover story intended for public consumption in order to disguise a development that he was unable to prevent.

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