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Download Histology and Cell Biology (National Medical Series for by Kurt E. Johnson PDF

By Kurt E. Johnson

The part on cellphone biology has been enormously extended and now contains details on either the structural & useful features of the subject.

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Ll binds with extracellular fibronectin to ancho•• the cell to the extracellular matrix, but it does not transport fibronectin. 4. The answer is B. IV f 6 aJ Specltrin is one of the most important and abundant erythrocyte plasma membrane protetns. It IS a pa1r of protems with weights of 240 kO and 220 kO The molecular weight of glycophorin, another erythrocyte membrane protein, is 30 kD. ik shape of the erythrocyte. 5. The answer is C. IV E 41 The grycocalyx is the layer of glycoconJugate-rich macromolecules that covers the external surface of the cell membrane.

E tATPase) protem dynein (2) Cilia bend as mtcrotubules in the axoneme ~I ide Jld't one anolht•r. I his motion is tlriven by ATP hydrolysi'> caused by dynein. 2. Flagella are ~imilar to cilia ; however. they are much longer. 1bout 50 11m long. In ·;permatozoan nagella. each outer doublet has a large. e outer fiber, which is abs

G.. , liver parenchymal cell~ typically contain 500-1000 mitochondrial. 3. M1tochondna move within cells and undergo dramatic changes in shape. Therefore, they have some characteristics of autonomous organisms. B. Ultrastructure. The m1tochondnon consists of two unit membrane systems, one surrounding the other 1. lt has the characteristiC trilaminar structure and consists of a phospholipid-protein bilayer. 2. The inner membrane, wh1ch IS completely surrounded by the outer membrane, also consi~ts of a phospholipid-protein bilayer.

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