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Download Dice Have No Memory: Big Bets and Bad Economics from Paris by Will Bonner PDF

By Will Bonner

Instantly, Congress, the Fed, and the Treasury are all playing together with your destiny and your cash. And it truly is contagious. Economies around the world are struggling with the largest multitrillion-dollar bets ever wagered on gigantic governments and incredible monetary interventions in fake "free markets."

One guy observed all of it coming and informed his readers good previous to ultra-modern problem. invoice Bonner experiences at the actual overall healthiness and health of the world's biggest economic system to over part one million readers every day in The day-by-day Reckoning. His publication is to the mainstream monetary press what the Gnostic Gospels are to the King James Bible.

Back in 2000, invoice Bonner appeared like a prophet crying within the desolate tract. whereas all people scrambled to buy stocks of the newest and most well liked dot-com, invoice introduced his exchange of the last decade: promote cash, purchase gold. again in 2000, you'll get an oz for round $264. this day, you'll pay up to $1,400 for that very same ounce. ultimately, a few of Bonner's top pronouncements, predictions, and ecocnomic research are accumulated in a single place.

Dice don't have any Memory gather's Bonner's richest insights from August 1999 via November 2010 to shape a chronological narrative of economics in America.

Here's a fragment of what you will find inside:

*Gold says "I instructed You So"
*Three out of 4 Economists Are Wrong
*Imperial Overstretch Marks
*Why Debt Does Matter
*Economic Zombies Shuffle in the direction of Bankruptcy

Bonner's Dice haven't any Memory bargains elegies for economists, suggestions for traders, tirades opposed to wasteful battle previous and current, and useful publications to trendy finance with swish prose, well-earned intelligence, and riotous irreverence. invoice Bonner's good judgment genius rips the window dressing off smooth finance - an international mostly populated by way of faulty do-gooders, corrupt politicians, and large bankers empowered through doubtful "mathematical" truths. The making an investment video game is rigged, similar to Monte Carlo.

Instead of supplying you with magic formulation, this archcontrarian teaches you the way to imagine essentially. And Dice don't have any Memory offers contemporary investor the subsequent strikes he should still make...before it truly is too past due.

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In Dubuque, they bought tape to seal their doors and windows against chemical attack. In Dallas, they stopped opening their mail, afraid that the towelheads were aiming to poison them. ” Another says “Terror Tips. ” I was tempted to call to ask for a tip, but this would surely get us on a list of suspects. The war on terror soon proved a letdown. As far as we know, not once in 10 years was a truck spotted headed south on I-95, with Arab fanatics at the wheel and drums of fertilizers and gasoline in the back.

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