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By Kathleen Weiler (auth.)

This ebook examines the fight over public schooling in mid-twentieth century the USA throughout the lens of a joint biography of those notable ladies, Heffernan, the California Commissioner of Rural and straightforward schooling among 1926 and 1965, and Seeds, the Director of the collage undemanding college at UCLA among 1925 and 1957.

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The move to West Los Angeles had important consequences for Seeds and the approach to progressive education she was developing. The previous site of the Southern Branch had been on Vermont Avenue on the edge of downtown Los Angeles, then a dense cityscape similar to those of eastern cities. But by the mid-1920s Los Angeles was becoming a new kind of city, dependent on the automobile and seemingly limitless suburban development. 24 There many different centers within the vast geographical area of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles had experienced explosive growth at the turn of the twentieth century. 38 Although Los Angeles did not experience as dramatic an influx of immigrants as did New York, Chicago, or even San Francisco, nonetheless concerns over “foreigners” were as widespread in Los Angeles as anywhere else in the country in this period. 40 Unlike Helen Heffernan, who left no first-person account of her early career, Seeds discussed her early years teaching in the Los Angeles public schools in an oral history conducted after she retired.

Westwood, the new site of the university, was in the then rural area of West Los Angeles, the home of the movie industry, an essential part of the Southern California economy. 25 But of course the movies were more than an employer. They defined cultural norms and fed the new culture of media celebrity. What happened to movie stars was news, and what happened in Hollywood and West Los Angeles had an impact that similar events in other areas of the country did not have. West Los Angeles included Hollywood and the suburban and wealthy THE CHILD AND THE CURRICULUM 25 areas of Beverly Hills and Bel Air, soon to be the home of writers, actors, producers, and émigré Europeans as well as more conventional wealthy professionals and business people.

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