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Download Deathlands 53 Savage Armada by James Axler PDF

By James Axler

A nuclear apocalypse virtually destroyed Western civilization in 2001, leaving as an alternative the forbidding global of Deathlands. notwithstanding the human spirit has now not been damaged, the nuw ideas of survival are harsh and barbaric. As barons struggle for energy in a savage new the United States, strength is said with the salvaged arsenals of a predark international: guns, fuel and people prepared to kill.

The Marshall Islands, as soon as the checking out grounds for twentieth-century guns olf mass destruction, continues to be perversely attractive. however the infested waters turn into the battleground for looting pirates and sec males in still-functional military PT boats, all pushed through greed and insanity to plunder the predark caches of technological know-how and expertise hidden within the islands. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior band emerge during this perilous waterworld, stuck in a grim struggle to release the secrets and techniques of the prior.

within the Deathlands, the cost for survival is excessive.

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Spotted the lights from some ruins to the east. Say, ten, fifteen miles at the most. There should be plenty of copper pipes there. " "Big," Jak stated as a fact. " Mildred scrunched her face. " The teen nodded. B. asked, pausing in his work. "Sure. But take longer cook. " Picking at his teeth with a splinter of wood, Ryan grunted in annoyance. A hardware store would have exactly what they wanted, but those were almost always looted. "So we concentrate on the better houses, or any resort hotels still standing," the Deathlands warrior decided.

An odd motion in the treetops caught Krysty's attention, and she started firing even before the condors hidden in the greenery launched themselves at the human prey. " she shouted over the discharge of her revolver. Even as the companions turned to this new threat, the birds in the sky folded their wings and dropped straight down, their huge bodies brownish-gold blurs. " Mildred cursed, lifting her ZKR blaster in both hands and tracking the huge killers. Two hundred yards away, she had their speed and squeezed off a shot.

But they reached the floor of the jungle without serious mishap. The wide trees rose above them now, dark shadows thick within their twisted branches. Thousands of leafy vines going from tree to tree blocked their view of the sky, changing the dawn into dusk. Yet colorful flowers were everywhere, making the air almost sickly sweet with thick perfume. Insects buzzed amid the foliage or crawled along the jungle carpeting. The vibrant jungle was alive with subtle noises, and it bothered the companions.

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