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Download Deathlands 17 Fury's Pilgrims by James Axler PDF

By James Axler

A nasty leap from a near-space Gateway leaves Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists within the devastated center of the yank Midwest. relocating throughout the ruins within the safeguard of an deserted struggle wag, they find a small neighborhood that was the sprawling city of Chicago.

the city turns out with out existence, until eventually the 1st evening, while Krysty Wroth vanishes and not using a hint. Then the gang is attacked, leaving document Tanner gravely wounded. Ryan realizes that somebody, or whatever, wishes them long gone or useless.

He captures an attacker and learns that town is administered by means of a tribe of nocturnal lady mutants. yet no longer even torture yields any note of Krysty. Ryan fears for her existence, particularly considering that she's a girl.

within the Deathlands, existence is a competition the place the single victor is dying.

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Said, standing and straightening his hat, perching his glasses on the end of his nose. "Not for a while. " "Yeah," Ryan agreed. " Chapter Six The outside light, filtering through the crimson armaglass walls, gave everyone the appearance of ruddy good health. Ryan glanced around, ready to warn his people to get their blasters ready, but found that he didn't need to tell them. Even Dean was up and ready to go, his big pistol gripped tightly in both hands. He caught his father's eye on him and winked.

Ten years old. " Doc coughed, his shoulders shaking with the spasm. His pistol rattled on the floor, sticking from the fancy hand-tooled Mexican holster. Ryan concentrated as hard as he could. 36s from the other. Doc was trawled in 1896, to the year of 1998. Then in December of 2000 he was sent forward again to our time. " A pause. " Beyond Doc was a slightly built figure wearing a dark fedora hat. A pair of wire-rimmed spectacles stuck out from the top pocket of his worn leather coat. "John Barrymore Dix.

The old man glanced up at Ryan's yell and saw that the descending slab of metal was now less than four feet from the floor. Abe was out, muttering a string of curses under his breath. B. and Mildred scooped up Doc between them, the woman grabbing at the silver-topped sword stick. The three emerged into the corridor in a shouting tangle of arms and legs. The sec door was less than two feet from the floor of the station. " "That file," Krysty gasped. " "Fireblast! Dropped" He lay flat on the floor and peeked under the block of steel.

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