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By Dr. Ann Stevenson

To the hungry seeker of fact this ebook unearths a major, biblically sound revelation of God's objective for growing dance, atmosphere a excessive ordinary of holiness for the ministry of dance whereas selling a far wanted stability and order for dance within the Chu

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The subject now in question is that of the validity and function of dance in the church. Through the ages, satan has systematically presented a cleverly convincing case before these people with the intent of preventing the emergence of even the thought of such a thing as dance in the church. In the minds of a people honestly seeking holiness, dance has appeared to be anything and everything but holy. The ungodly representation of the perverse, physical evidence witnessed by this and past generations has built a strong case for classifying it as a worldly practice.

Because of the God-given power of dance to clearly communicate, man, as well as satan, has taken this holy gift and shamefully merchandised with it. qxp 5/1/07 9:52 AM Page 64 Dance One afternoon I decided to leave the TV on in the living room to conduct a little survey of my own. I wanted to see the variety of ways in which dance was used to merchandise the products of men. Every time I heard a commercial come on, I checked to see if it used dance in any fashion. In one afternoon, I witnessed dance being used to sell milk, gum, candy bars, fast foods, fabric softener, cheese, airline tickets, shoes, several different soft drinks, and blue jeans.

Spiritually, this represents the area within us that is procreative, having power to produce life. This life-producing area—our loins—must be girt about, or encircled and held up by the truth. Now we can begin to understand why satan chooses to attack and rob us of basic, foundational truths. Satan has attacked the spiritual loins of the dance, hoping to annihilate the procreative life-giving power it was created to impart. The Scripture says that our loins must be held up by the truth in order to be able to withstand the enemy.

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