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By Barbara Miller

Successfully integrating recognition to globalization, gender, classification, race and ethnicity, and the environment, this textual content engages scholars with compelling ethnographic examples and by means of demonstrating the relevance of anthropology.

Faculty and scholars compliment the book’s confirmed skill to generate type dialogue, raise faculty-student engagement, and improve pupil learning.

This e-book, in response to Miller's full-length Cultural Anthropology text, will generate type dialogue, bring up faculty-student engagement, and improve pupil studying. fabric in the course of the e-book highlights the relevance of anthropology to scholars and the way they could follow of their careers. by way of entwining realization to key theories for realizing tradition with an emphasis on relevance of anthropological wisdom and abilities, this article is the appropriate selection for introductory cultural anthropology courses.

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20 CHAPTER 1 ESL (English as a second language) students because they are not fluent in English and take special courses designed to improve their English. In addition, the teachers’ mental model of a “good student” is a student who is • motivated to do well in school and gets good grades. • an athlete. • popular and has good students as friends. • comes from a stable family. It is difficult for many Mexican immigrant children to conform to this image. Mexican girls, or Mexicanas, are especially disadvantaged because most are not interested in, or good at, sports.

Therefore, it makes sense to put the word in quotation marks in order to indicate that it has no single meaning. In South Africa, as in the United States, “race” is defined mainly on the basis of skin color. In pre–twentieth-century China, body hair was the key biological basis for racial classification (Dikötter 1998). The “barbarian” races had more body hair than the “civilized” Chinese people. ” Into the twentieth century, some Chinese anthropologists divided humans into evolutionary stages on the basis of amounts of body hair.

Success in war brings gains in territory. So far, this example pays attention mainly to economics, politics, and marriage systems. But other aspects of culture are involved, too. Supernatural powers affect the success of warfare. Painting spears and shields with particular designs is believed to increase their power. At feasts and marriages, body decoration (including paint, shell ornaments, and elaborate feather headdresses) is an important expression of identity and status. Looking at warfare without attention to its wider cultural context yields an incomplete picture.

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