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Download Countries and Their Cultures, Volume 4 (Saint Kitts and by Melvin Ember and Carol R. Ember PDF

By Melvin Ember and Carol R. Ember

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The Antilles: Fragments of Epic Memory (The Nobel Lecture), 1992. Welch, Barbara. ’’ Social and Economic Studies 43: 123–149, 1994. 1899 —DOUGLAS MIDGETT SAINT VINCENT AND THE CULTURE N AME Vincentians A LTERNATIVE N AMES The locals sometimes call the main island ‘‘Hairoun,’’ its Carib name. The term ‘‘Saint Vincent’’ is often used for the whole group, including the Grenadines. Symbolism. The national flag is a tricolor of green, gold, and blue, with a stylized V in the center— representing the rich foliage of the island, the sun, and the sea.

Younger people are expected to respect their elders and comply with their demands. Justification for this principle is found in Samoan tradition and Christian scripture. The only exception exists in early childhood, when infants are protected and indulged by parents, grandparents, and older siblings. After around age five, children are expected to take an active, if limited, part in the family economy. From then until marriage young people are expected to comply unquestioningly with their parents’ and elders’ wishes.

All who have a share in the land have a right to its produce. Commercial Activities. The economy is a mixture of subsistence and plantation agriculture. In the capital, Kingstown, a market square is occupied on most days by women selling ‘‘ground provision,’’ produce from their gardens. Women also sell their produce in neighboring countries. A separate market in the capital is set up for fishermen. ’’ Whales, caught on the western side of Saint Vincent, are butchered and sold out of the town of Barroullie.

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