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By C. Hooykaas

Life is stranger than fiction. significantly so. pass judgement on from this: The Javanese boost a sense in the direction of their afterbirth, wbich isn't really thrown away at start within the heathenish Western approach, yet which will get a good burial and has the identify: ari-ari, more youthful brother (- sister) . i do know of a Javanese schoolgirl who wTote in an essay: "How could not i've got smooth emotions in the direction of the spot the place my ari-ari lies buried?" The Balinese are within the chuffed place of getting at the very least 4 elder brothers (sisters). The 'concomitants of actual birth', being the amniotic fluid, the blood, the vernix caseosa and the afterbirth jointly are the baby's kanda mpat, bis 4 elder brothers, or her elder ~isters relating to a lady. even though the 1st 3, as a result of their liquid nation, typically disappear and obtain little care, the ari-ari is punctiliously buried lower than a around riverstone of approximately one foot in diameter, for a boy on the one part of the stairs resulting in the dozing apartment, for a woman on the different aspect. The innumerable writipgs, partly or thoroughly facing the kanda mpat, don't weary from inculcating their readers that the 4 are useful so long as one supplies them the (material) meals and reverential recommendations they're entitled to, during which case they from their aspect behave as real eIder brothers. U. despite the fact that, one neglects and ignores them, they punish their more youthful brother.

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Thou art Rudra, Thou art of a benevolent appearance. (For) Thou art Rudra characterized by Fire; because Thy appearance pervades everything, my ritual work comes into existence. "Bhattära sankara! We hope Thou willst have {rank and brotherly CantiiJ. Kunhi was the eldest; then come the four disobedient brothers, finally Pratafijala. Hence Kaka and adi offer difficulties unsurmountable by me as appears from the endeavour to translation. - Instead of the first PC dause, the other mss have: iku ta kala nin ulun (TK) karaIJe umareka ri kita.

60. 61. The Five Gods: ISvara, Brahmä, Mahädeva, Vi~lJu, siva. lvir gelap sayuta and pepet ... sabdanira instead of meh rf,aten in äkäSa borrowed from CP. Lembvara, /iman ivak, timingilin and (b)unUk borrowed from the PC Mss. Umä/Durgä/Cantin Kunin is definitely the first born, and Patafijala the youngest THE SIX BEST SOURCES OF INFORMATION 37 57. The appearanee of Sr! Devl was that of a yak~a: the Goddess was foureoloured. ): white-red-blaek-yellow. There stood the Goddess, and she saw her eolours: red-blaek-yellowwhite, there were four seetions of different eolours.

As to this prose, the SJ dause is a mere repetition, the TK dause and the TKSJ dause variations of 41, and the TKJPC end merely an introduction to 43, but there is no relation with the sloka. Siva kalih. in nira: Asahsahsah ah samatva sri vajitam, mahah padma-hrdayam, bahni satve minargandatryaloka, saha svikara varanaya, sadayam tatvam tatvaya. 43. "Uduh sanak iilUlun kabeh, ... " Sumahur sanak nira arep raka rahl pada Bhattära. 43. 44. B. Though the last line fails in PG, the rest is found in the six mss.

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