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By Victor E Saouma

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Bi-modal operation { fast keyboard operation or user friendly mouse interface. Support for zooming of windows also supports projects - named screen layouts. Full colour support and highlighting of blocks for copying, moving and deleting. In nite levels of undo and redo. Multiple bu ers and windows on screen. Multiple backups of les. Multiple named scrap bu ers for cutting and pasting between bu ers, including support for columns. Scroll-locking two windows together to allow side by side le comparisons.

Logout executed when you logout Victor E. mwmrc this is the "Window manager" program. Controls the layout of your screen, creates the menus on the background window, and speci es which buttons move and resize windows. mwmrc. netscape-preferences sets up the "home page" for Netscape. rhosts this le contains names of hosts that you can connect to. xinitrc sets up which window manager you are using, windows that "pop" up when you start XWindows, and a background picture for your workspace. 9 Running programs in XWindows After converting from Openwindows to XWindows, you will no longer have the menu system to help you run programs.

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