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By Peter G. Neumann

In response to info amassed via the writer as a part of ACM's overseas hazards discussion board, this ebook comprises money owed of mishaps attributed to desktops and the folks utilizing them--some funny, and a few tragic. Neumann characterizes other forms of computer-related dangers, discusses danger factors and results, and considers their implications. He additionally indicates how one can reduce dangers sooner or later.

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However, an applet could easily get a handle to the top-level ThreadGroup and then enumerate every thread running in the system, including threads belonging to other arbitrary applets. The Java runtime encodes the applet’s class name in its thread name, so a 24 rogue applet can now learn the names of all applets running in the system. In addition, an applet could call the stop() or setPriority() methods on threads in other applets. The SecurityManager checked only that applets could not alter the state of system threads; there were no restraints on applets altering other applet threads.

0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer fix the superclass constructor issue and take other measures to prevent applets from instantiating ClassLoaders. 1-Beta initially offered “safe” ClassLoaders to applets, but the feature was withdrawn from the final release because they could, in fact, still be abused. Fundamentally, the job of a ClassLoader is to resolve names to classes as part of Java’s dynamic linking. Dynamic linking has subtle interactions with static type checking. This problem has driven much of my research; Chapters 3 and 4 are devoted to it.

Int x = 6;) written by the programmer are executed. Finally, the body of the constructor is executed. During the execution of a constructor body, the object is only partially initialized, yet arbitrary methods 42 of the object may be invoked, including methods that have been overridden by subclasses, even if the subclasses’ constructors have not yet run. Because Java’s security partly relies on some classes throwing exceptions during initialization (to prevent untrusted code from creating an instance of a dangerous class), it seems unwise to have the system’s security depend on programmers’ understanding of such a complex feature.

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