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By Dermot Anthony Nestor

Cognitive views on Israelite Identity breaks new floor within the learn of ethnic identification within the historic global in the course of the articulation of an explicitly cognitive point of view. In proposing a view of ethnicity as an epistemological instead of an ontological entity, this paintings seeks to right the suggested tendency in the direction of ‘analytical groupism' within the educational literature. demanding what Pierre Bourdieu has referred to as ‘our fundamental inclination to imagine the realm in a substantialist manner,' this examine seeks to wreck with the vernacular different types and ‘commonsense primordialisms' encoded in the Biblical texts, while even as accounting for his or her tenacious carry on our social and political mind's eye. it's the acceptance of the performative and reifying power of those different types of ethno-political perform that disqualifies their appropriation as different types of social research. >

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1 1. Classi¿cation and Categorization 29 political contexts provides some indication as to why the concept of race was so powerful, and why it became so entrenched towards the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century. 56 In their efforts to offset the growing political threat of Marxism which sought to enhance the international solidarity of the working class, leading intellectuals placed increasing emphasis on biological factors as determinants of human behaviour. As such, the Marxist call for the “workers of the world to unite” was countered by claims that English, French and German workers could never understand each other’s behaviour, let alone agree on common policies, since their allegedly distinctive behaviour was determined not so much by current economic, political or cultural factors, but by ancient and immutable racial differences.

This was a thesis which received considerable elaboration in the “hyper-diffusionary” work of Grafton Elliot Smith. 75 While Ratzel’s theories reÀected German Romanticism’s emphasis on idealist explanations of human behaviour, as well as its 74. Bowler, Invention, 70. 75. G. E. Smith, The Ancient Egyptians and the Origin of Civilization (London: Harper, 1923). Further examples of this “hyper-diffusionist” thesis can be found in W. J. Perry, The Children of the Sun (London: Methuen, 1923). 1 36 Cognitive Perspectives on Israelite Identity preference for studying cultural speci¿cs rather than cross-cultural uniformities, the most sophisticated theoretical development of this approach was carried out by the German physicist turned ethnologist, Franz Boas.

107. 26. B. G. Trigger, A History of Archaeological Thought (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989), 87–94. E. by Archbishop James Ussher. The following year, a group of British archaeologists and geologists led by John Evans examined Jacques Boucher de Perthes’ and Marcel-Jerome Rigollet’s discoveries of stone hand axes and extinct animal bones deep in the stratigraphic gravel levels of the Somme Valley. By employing the principles of the new “uniformitarian geology,”27 they were able to demonstrate not only that these deposits had been formed many thousands of years previously, but that the human race was of a much deeper antiquity than had previously been supposed.

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