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Download Chernobyl: A Documentary Story by Iurii Shcherbak (auth.) PDF

By Iurii Shcherbak (auth.)

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This ebook is a caution. it's a terrifying portrait of an "ideal" society that has destroyed democracy within the identify of "progress. " Roland Huntford demonstrates by way of truth after stunning truth how an it sounds as if democratic, filthy rich, peaceable utopia is completely managed through a paperwork which actively discourages all indicators of individuality.

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And our controller heard the explosion. One, then a second one straight afterward. And Anatolii said: "Shooting stars or not shooting stars, I just don't understand. " He is a hunter hirnself, so it astonished hirn somewhat. The night was peaceful and starry, nothing special ... When we arrived at the medical unit, the controller said that there had been a call. We arrived at 0135. The call had come to go to the power station, and the medical assistant Sasha Skachok had gone off there. " She didn't say anything to the point, whether I needed to go or not.

You just had to say in advance to the Party Committee where you wanted to go and with what objective. 'There were stops there caused by the personnel too: "whistling" in the steam pipes. How twisted the psychology of our personnel is! If a foreign delegation comes, then they're afraid. They understand that it's not possible to do things like that. " 'Mter the article people said that I had prophesied the ac- Before the Accident 21 cident. I didn't prophesy anything, God preserve me from being a Cassandra, a prophetess of such calamities.

He went worthily toward his set aim (he wanted to be a consultant pediatrician), doing all that was necessary. His natural decency, his kindness evoked asolid and deep respect particularly on the part of his group and course colleagues, and also his teachers. When in June we learned of his worthy conduct on 26 April in Chernobyl, the first thing we said was that he, Valyk, could have done nothing else. He is a genuine person, reliable and decent, a person to whom people reach out. I met Valentyn Bilokin in Kiev in the autumn, when several things were already behind hirn: the hospital, a stay in a sanatorium, all sorts of fussing about getting an apartment and arranging work in Donetsk, every type of problem (the effort he had to make to receive the salary due hirn.

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