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By Louis L'Amour

Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow were sure as acquaintances seeing that early life. by the point they grew to manhood, Catlow had develop into a most sensible cowhand with a wild streak. It took only one disastrous war of words with a band of grasping ranchers to make him an outlaw. And while he crossed that line, it was once as much as U.S. Marshal Ben Cowan to deliver him in alive--if purely Catlow could supply him the chance....

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He was a brush-popper and a good one, and he knew where the wild cattle lurked. He was a good hand with a rope and he owned some fast horses that knew cattle as well as he did, and nobody knew them better. The first month after the bonus was initiated, Bijah Catlow roped and slapped an iron on eighty-seven head of wild cattle. During the months that followed, Bijah was busier than a man with a dollar watch and the seven-year itch (when he isn’t winding, he’s scratching) and he averaged two hundred to two hundred fifty dollars a month.

Cowan whirled, felt a bullet burn his cheek, and fired blindly at a leaping shadow. The shadow broke stride and fell, the Indian dead before he hit the ground. Two down…how many were there? Neither of them was the Tonkawa Kid. Ben Cowan twisted around, found his rifle, and pulled himself to it. His leg felt numb, and when he put his hand up to his cheek it came away bloody…a bullet had grazed the cheekbone. He eased himself back into a better defensive position and, reaching out with his rifle, tried to draw the rifle of one of the Tonks a bit closer.

Somebody stampeded the herd, and it vanished. Nobody could offer more than a guess at what happened to it. Herds of three thousand head are not swallowed by the earth, yet vanish they did. Meanwhile, it suddenly appeared that Bijah Catlow had registered a brand, the Eight eighty-eight Bar, and around the chuck wagons and in the saloons throughout Texas, men began to chuckle. For three eights and a bar could very neatly swallow Parkman’s OP Bar…and apparently they had done just that. Catlow was never at home, but a very tough, very seasoned cowman, Houston Sharkey, was…he was not only at home, he was at home with a Winchester and a crew of hard-bitten cowhands who kept strays out of the Eight eighty-eight Bar grazing lands, and allowed no casual visitors.

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