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By Spider Robinson

A home OF "HEALTHY" REPUTE...Welcome to girl Sally's, the home that "is" a house -- the across the world (hell, interplanetarily) infamous bordello. At woman Sally's condominium, the client does not unavoidably come first: even the employees are really having fun with themselves.Wife of time touring bartender Mike Callahan, and corporation of a few of the main strange and proficient acting artists ever to paintings within the box of hedonic interface, Her Ladyship has designed her apartment to be an "equal chance enjoyer," discreetly, tastefully and joyfully catering to all erotic tastes and fantasies, notwithstanding strange. Like her recognized husband, girl Sally does not even insist that her consumers be "human." lengthy as they've got strong manners.Small ask yourself, then, that she and her employees come across beings as distinctive and noteworthy because the superhuman Colt, whose banner by no means, ever flags...Diana, the lethal dominatrix who "cannot" be disobeyed...Tony Donuts, the moronic man-monster even the Mafia does not are looking to mess with...or Charles, the werewolf with a special difference...

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Clients are permitted there during working hours as long as they behave themselves. Generally that means letting us win the food fights. ” As we left I noticed that the door would not lock in either direction. He led me back out into the hail, and through a series of carpeted, softly lit corridors. He did not chat-even Robin was silent-and I was grateful. I was distracted by my own thoughts. What the hell did she mean, I didn’t meet her goddamn standards? We came to the upper terminus of a spiral staircase so grand and beautiful that it jolted me out of my self absorption.

Each time somebody new comes here, Lady Sally sees him or her in private first. She looks them over, talks with them a little, and then quotes them two prices: one for by-the-evening, and the other for full-time membership. Logic tells me that she must peg the prices to what the individual can afford-you saw the fellow who just left; he’s an old regular. But we don’t ask, and clients don’t talk about it among themselves. ” “How many johns do you have to see a day? ” My subtle way of learning his sexual orientation.

Terribly sorry. ” Falling to my knees hurt worse the second time. The light at the end of the alley began receding rapidly, taking the deadly duchess and her dog with it. My last thought was that I’d have to hurry if I warned to get to Hell before the evening rush— But I woke in another place. Or so it seemed when consciousness first returned. I was lying on my back on a very comfortable bed, under soft warm covers. I had only the vaguest recollection of the fight, something unimportant that had happened a long time ago.

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