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By Daniel Marcus

Ross and Lori Williamson live the Boomer model of the yankee Dream. Ross is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, battered yet nonetheless status after the web cave in. Lori has hand over her upscale company legislations activity to make pottery, research martial arts, and begin a family members. not able to conceive, they lease Annie Day as a surrogate to undergo their fertilized egg to time period. Annie has a couple of skeletons in her closet, together with an ex-boyfriend determined for funds and at the run from the Italian and Russian mobs.

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Two months. 50 The phone rang. Doctor Bob. Ross touched the speaker button. ” “Uh, sure. ” He heard laughter in the background. “Oh, I don’t know. You looked sort of distracted when you came in. ” More laughter. “Fine. ” Doctor Bob laughing outright now. “Never mind,” he gasped. ” Ross waited until the laughter died down. ” “I want LuAnn on the call too. ” Ross spent the morning feeling like there was something caught in his teeth. Every half hour or so, Gina, Doctor Bob, or one of the programmers would stick their heads in his office and ask if everything was okay.

Ex. - Yeah. - Sanchez. - Yeah, you’ve mentioned him. - His real name is Bennett Fischer, but he hates when people call him that. I don’t know where he got Sanchez – he’s about as ‘Spanic as I am – but it’s just the one name. You know, like Sting. He’s a really good bass player. Anything – cocktail shit, rock and 34 roll, jazz, punk. Whatever pays he plays, he says. We lived together for a couple of years, then split up and we’ve been in and out of it for the last year or so. Mostly out of it.

He was making decent money doing clubs, an occasional studio gig, so that shouldn’t have been a problem except he had this gambling issue. Yeah, well, it wasn’t all that funny at the time. Things got really tight and all of a sudden I was like, where did it go? The fun, I mean. That’s when I started thinking about getting clean, but it didn’t happen for a while. Then like I said Nine Eleven hit and turned everything inside out. Sanchez actually helped me stay clean once I told him what I was doing which I know some of you will find hard to believe but it’s true.

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