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By Louis L'Amour

Significant James Brionne introduced Dave Allard to trial for homicide. earlier than the placing, Dave swore his brothers may take vengenance. . .Four 12 months later the Allard boys retumed to settle the rating. merely Brionne's son escaped. They murdered his spouse, destroyed his domestic, and left Brionne not anything however the charred ruins of his previous to hang-out him. looking peace and a brand new existence, Brionne and the boy headed west. however the Allards hadn't comprehensive with him. He knew they would name him for a showdown-and this time he'd be prepared . . . .

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Come to think of it," Pat went on, "Ryan's the man the lady should talk to. He knew a sight more about Rody Brennan than the rest of us. " Brionne took out a cigar and lighted it. From where he stood, he could see Mat standing beside their supplies in front of the store. Actually, he had been there only a few minutes, and Brionne had been watching to be sure he was all right. It was a busy street. Men crowded by, men of every stamp and kind: Scandinavian or German farmers looking for a place to locate, teamsters from the freight wagons, cowboys, railroad men, and drifters.

So they would not take it. Quietly, his lips close to Mat's ear, he explained his reasoning. The boy was young, but the world does not always wait for the young to learn, and to Brionne's way of thinking no time was too soon. Deliberately, he turned away from the street and worked his way with infinite care through the debris scattered back of the buildings. There were cans, bottles, old lumber, with here and there a fence to be crossed. They came suddenly to the back door of a honky-tonk, and Brionne stepped up and opened the door.

And by the front window, with his back to them, was the man from the Southern Hotel. He was watching the street intently. Brionne walked through the crowded room, still holding Mat by the hand. Just as he came up behind the man at the window, the latter started to turn. Brionne's gun slid into his hand and the muzzle nudged the man in the back. The fellow looked around, his face sick with surprise when he saw who was behind him. " Brionne's tone was polite. "This is a rough town. " The man started to protest.

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