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Download Bosnia the Good: Tolerance and Tradition by Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, R Mahmut&cacute Ehaji&cacute PDF

By Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, R Mahmut&cacute Ehaji&cacute

An indictment of the partition of Bosnia-Herzegovina, formalized in 1995 via the Dayton Accord. The struggle in Bosnia divided and shook the rustic to its foundations, however the writer argues it will possibly turn into a version for eu growth. the best probability for Bosnia is to be declared simply one other ethnoreligious entity, consequently a 'Muslim country' ghettoized within Europe. the writer examines why Western liberal democracies have appeared with sympathy the struggles of Serbia and Croatia for nationwide attractiveness, whereas viewing Bosnia's multicultural society with suspicion.

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This message finds expression in the perfect example which the prophet Muhammad presents to humanity. Wher- 24 THE BALKAN ARCHIPELAGO ever Muslims are living, they should order their community and their society on the basis of the Message and Example of God’s Messenger. They should desire that the whole world be transformed into a madina, a community of believers. But their intention is not tocreate a world order which excludes the multitude of religious traditions, since God ‘has created for all nations their own law and their own way’l0.

Yet this denies Bosnia the right to sovereignty as a state, dividing it instead into three‘ethnic territories’, each occupied by one of the three nationswhich in practice means that Bosnia endsup divided piecemeal by its neighbours. To a greater or lesser degree, the greater-state designers of both Serbia and Croatia long ago foresaw and prepared for this outcome. T o legitimise this division, and make it permanent,theEuropean and Christian perception of Islam as hostile and alien could be exploited.

31W e are implicitly shown the ideal, or the peak to which the ascent will lead. To reject it is to travel deeper into darkness. Bosnia and its people face a searching question: which principles, which kinds of freedom should they be looking and working towards-and where will they find the source of strength to oppose evil? Whether Bosnia will be totally overcome by evil depends on the answer to this question. For the obsession with lower forms of freedom-obvious in the call for peace a t any price-means nothing but surrender to the forces of evil.

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