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By Dale Henson

IN inventory , MINT AND manufacturing facility SEALED

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Elenia-now an old, withered, and evil mage-grew envious of Lady lvana Boritsi, ruler of Borca. Elenia coveted the lady’s throne and her youthful beauty, and so plotted to kill her and take her place. But being cowardly, Elenia was fearful of carrying out the task herself. So she traveled the lands of Ravenloft, seeking out an evil priest to construct for her a doll golem. Once Elenia had commissioned her golem, she returned to Borca and awaited an opportunity to use it. That opportunity came when Lady lvana invited her people to appear before her to present gifts of their esteem and ask favors of her.

The name Aferdale has been burned into the wood. Beneath the name, a series of descending numbers has been haphazardly scratched into the molding planks. The first number is 1,183; the last number is 1,008. Ahead of you, on the town’s main street, you observe several dozen commoners walking behind pallbearers carrying a pallet. There is no casket, but the pallet is strewn with flowers. The procession weaves its way between battered houses and dry, rotting barns. The sad wails of the mourners float through the town and all but drown out the music made by a group of young boys and girls who pluck stringed musical instruments as they follow the grief-strickenadults.

She swipes viciously at you. Her claws sink in deeply. You feel the poison seep into your blood. All goes dark. In the final ebb of your dying mind, you realize that Elenia must die! Elenia must die . . must die. . must die. . The PCs are likely to have of a number of reactions to these dreams. If the lawful good character attacks Elenia, she seeks protection from the others. If they all attack Elenia, the DM should g o to the “Fighting Elenia” section. If the characters quietly discuss their dreams among themselves or keep their silence, the DM should read the following.

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