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By C. Belk, V. Maier

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His observations proved false the hypothesis that the sun revolved around Earth. Galileo’s work helped to confirm the more modern hypothesis, proposed by Nicolaus Copernicus, that Earth revolves around the sun. So, even though the hypothesis about vitamin C is sensible, it needs to be tested to see if it can be proved false. Hypothesis testing is based on deductive reasoning or deduction. 1 predict an expected observation. This prediction concerns the outcome of an action, test, or investigation.

Statistical tests calculate the variability within groups to determine the probability that two groups differ only by chance. 18 CHAPTER 1 Can Science Cure the Common Cold? A Closer Look: Statistics We can explore the role that statistical tests play more closely by evaluating another study on cold treatments. This study examined the efficacy of lozenges containing zinc on reducing cold severity. Some forms of zinc can block common cold viruses from invading cells in the nasal cavity. This observation led to the hypothesis that consuming zinc at the start of a cold could decrease the severity of cold symptoms by reducing the number of cells that become infected.

High cold frequency High stress (b) Or does one of the causes of high stress also cause high cold frequency? 11 Correlation does not signify causation. A correlation typically cannot eliminate all alternative hypotheses. individuals measured for the correlation are similar in every way except for their stress levels. Is this a good assumption? Not necessarily. Most correlations cannot control for all alternative hypotheses. People who feel more stressed may have poorer diets because they feel time-limited and rely on fast food more often.

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