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Download Biodiversity: An Ecological Perspective by Edward O. Wilson (auth.), Takuya Abe, Simon A. Levin, PDF

By Edward O. Wilson (auth.), Takuya Abe, Simon A. Levin, Masahiko Higashi (eds.)

Despite acknowledgment that lack of residing variety is a world organic concern, the ecological reasons and outcomes of extinction haven't but been generally addressed. In honor of Edward O. Wilson, winner of the 1993 overseas Prize for Biology, a global team of exotic biologists carry ecological, evolutionary, and administration views to the problem of biodiversity. the jobs of atmosphere tactics, neighborhood constitution and inhabitants dynamics are thought of during this ebook. The aim, as Wilson writes in his advent, is "to gather suggestions that unite the disciplines of systematics and ecology, and in so doing to create a legitimate medical foundation for the longer term administration of biodiversity."

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In a phenomenological sense, stochasticity in ecology was often interpreted to represent 3. , stochasticity as incorporated in earlier fisheries models). Recently, however, attention has been drawn to stochasticity as a pervasive element of some ecological processes, worthy of being given a distinct identity of its own. In the case of species abundance patterns, all niche apportionment models except the geometric series incorporate stochastic processes. It may even be argued that failure of the geometric series to engage the serious interests of practicing ecologists stems largely from its rigid, deterministic division rule that is almost anathema to ecological common sense.

1981. Environmental variability promotes coexistence in lottery competitive systems. American Naturalist 117:923-943. L. 1986. Structural niches in plant communities. In: 1. Diamond and TJ. Case, eds. Community Ecology, pp. 381-405. Harper & Row, New York. H. 1978. Diversity in tropical rain forests and coral reefs. Science 199: 1302-1310. Currie, Dol. 1991. Energy and large-scale patterns of animal- and plant-species richness. American Naturalist 137:27-49. S. 1987. Tropical rainforest gaps and tree species diversity.

There is some fossil evidence to suggest that such processes of community assembly might have occurred repeatedly on a relatively short time scale of 20,000 to 100,000 years following climatic changes (Milankovitch cycles, Bennet 1990; see also Coope 1994). Thus, invasion of niche space can take different forms over different time scales and taxonomic resolutions. 1c perhaps represent two extreme cases, with different assemblages falling onto various points in between these. In addition to the possible qualitative differences in the processes of diversification as just considered, it should be noted that diversity as it has traditionally been treated by ecologists encompasses not only species richness but relative abundances of different species in an assemblage.

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