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By Susheel Kalia

This publication comprehensively addresses floor amendment of typical fibers to lead them to better, low-cost, and environmentally pleasant. issues contain the elucidation of vital features surrounding chemical and eco-friendly techniques for the skin amendment of normal fibers, using recycled waste, houses of biodegradable polyesters, tools equivalent to electrospinning, and functions of hybrid composite fabrics.

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The whole process is controlled via a sophisticated system. Sigma Technologies, an American company, produces atmospheric plasma equipment for treating films, fabrics, metals, and 3D parts. Enercon is another American company that developed commercial atmospheric plasma, which is highly effective at treating polymer films, nonwovens, textiles, foams, and other materials, which are processed in a roll‐to‐roll web format. Research work has been reported in using atmospheric pressure plasma machine made by Enercon for modification of various different textile materials [5, 22–24].

Cotton fabric is treated with strong caustic soda solution under tension at low temperature for 1–3 minutes, followed by washing while still under tension. 1 Relationship among fiber, structure of yarn and fabric, processing, and properties. 20 BIODEGRADABLE GREEN COMPOSITES produce improved luster of the mercerized fabric. The lumen, a central canal running along the fiber axis, is fairly large in the unmercerized fiber and, having a different refractive index from cellulose, also scatters light at the lumen–cellulose interface.

6 shows the results of cotton fabric treated using O2 and C2F6 plasma. It is obvious that the intensity of the oxygen peaks from the O2 plasma‐treated surfaces is much stronger than untreated surfaces. Babai‐Cline [37] gave more detailed analysis on this and indicated that alcohol, carbonyl, and ether groups are presented on the O2‐treated substrate surface. The scans of the C2F6‐treated cotton fabric surface contain extra F1s peaks compared with the untreated cotton and wool fabric surface. Sun and Stylios also reported that the O/C ratio of the treated samples increased significantly, indicating that oxygen containing group rich surface was produced after O2 plasma treatment.

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