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Download BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology: Micro-Nano by Mihrimah Ozkan, Mauro Ferrari, Michael Heller PDF

By Mihrimah Ozkan, Mauro Ferrari, Michael Heller

Contributions reporting on primary and utilized investigations of the cloth technology, biochemistry, and physics of biomedical microdevices with functions to Genomics and Proteomics. issues comprise gene expression profiling using microarray know-how; imaging and sensing for gene detection and use in DNA research; and assurance of complex microfluidic units and the Humane Genome Project.

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Situation, we will need the appropriate equation(s). These equations are applied over the entire computational domain, or selectively over its subdomains. If there is more than one physics in any subdomain, the number of equations to be applied must equal the number of physics in that subdomain. 2 involves three subdomains (gel, enamel and dentin) but each subdomain involves only the diffusion equation. We are ignoring any temperature differences in the entire computational domain. 6(a)) are all probably going to be at the same mouth temperature.

8. Case studies showing examples of governing equations as they are obtained by simplifying various biomedical situations, including their computer implementation, are shown in the table below. Derivations of the governing equations are provided in Chapter 7 and background information for the source terms is in Chapter 8. Examples of various physics provided in the case studies in this book Physical processes Examples in case studies Fluid flow Steady Transient V VI, X Heat transfer Transient Bioheat as source Source exponentially decaying I, II VIII, IX, X X Mass transfer Steady Transient Transient, with reaction Reaction only V III IV, VII, X VII, VIII Coupled physics Heat transfer with Joule heating Heat transfer with mass transfer Mass transfer with fluid flow Mass transfer with multiple reactions Fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer IX VIII, IX V, X VII X with other heating or cooling effects.

Definitions of the properties and some data are provided in Chapter 9. Sensitivity analysis to accommodate uncertainty in data is discussed in Chapter 5.

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