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By Brian W. Aldiss

While an undeclared Acid Head struggle breaks out, Britain is the 1st to be devastated by means of psycho-chemical aerosols--tasteless, odourless, colourless psychedelic medicinal drugs, which distort the minds of hundreds of thousands of civilians into severe terror or severe pleasure. whilst the warped electorate of Europe proclaim Colin Charteris their hero, he unearths himself major an unfathomable campaign in a devastated world.

Perhaps Aldiss's so much experimental paintings, Barefoot within the Head first seemed in numerous elements because the "Acid Head War" sequence in New Worlds. the unconventional is determined in Europe, a few years after a flare-up within the center East ended in Europe being attacked with bombs freeing large amounts of long-lived hallucinogenic medicines. Into an England with a inhabitants slightly conserving a grip on truth comes a tender Serb, who himself starts off coming below the effect of the ambient aerosols, and unearths himself prime a messianic campaign. The narration and discussion displays the shattering of language less than the impression of the medication, in mutating words and puns and allusions, in a planned echo of Finnegans Wake.

Originally released 1969.

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