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By Christopher D. Webster

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Brushing his teeth? Oh yeah, he goes through a tube of toothpaste a day sometimes. He'll eat the whole thing. He won't brush his teeth but he'll eat the whole tube of toothpaste. Mr. . He used to get up through the night or early in the morning and make a beeline for the door or the window on the ground floor and he'd be gone. Everything had to be locked and bolted, you know. And when we couldn't see him and if he'd gone we'd have to hunt all over the place. He was at school for less than two weeks and was discharged twice because of his behavior.

I must restrain myself when I say that I really believe that there's a psychiatrist around town whose done more harm than good with respect to these kids. His first advice is to rush them off to an institution, let 'em live in a cage and forget 'em. That's basically what he's saying. 44 Autism Mrs. . And he tells the School Boards that, too. Don't bother. You're just building up the parents' hopes and you're not going to accomplish anything. And we've been fighting and fighting against that comment .

Joey learned the discriminations in a matter of seconds. I asked him if he were happy. " Using tokens as reinforcers, I asked him to point to the card that expressed how he would feel if I gave him a token. He pointed to "angry," then "sad," then "happy," all the while looking at my face for cues to the right response. I realized that one trial was not going to break the affective barrier and I decided I was in over my head and abandoned the procedure, at least for the time being. To assuage my guilt about trying to program Joey to achieve an affective response repertoire, I decided to take him to a place that I assumed he would enjoy.

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