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By Alain C. Masquelet

The writer of a couple of acclaimed, best-selling surgical atlases has collaborated back with an award-winning artist to provide one other necessary surgical source. This extremely popular crew offer a master-class within the demonstration of surgically correct anatomy. Masquelet has attained world-renown particularly for his cutting edge flaps for reconstructive cosmetic surgery of the limbs, during this publication he monitors his unrivalled wisdom of surgical procedure of the trunk, head, and neck. each element of access in required surgeries is defined, and each method is illustrated with a chain of drawings, displayed because the health professional might see them, including anatomical cross-sections.

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35 Hand and peripheral nerve surgery Protective flap for the median nerve at the wrist This procedure is indicated in iterative release of the median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome. A The fat pad of Guyon’s compartment is mobilised. It is supplied by the ulnar artery. 1 1 median nerve 36 Protective flap for the median nerve at the wrist B The fat flap is turned like a page of a book to cover the median nerve. 1 1 ulnar artery C If necessary, the ulnar vessels are mobilised to increase the arc of rotation of the flap.

43 Hand and peripheral nerve surgery Surgery of the wrist Approach to the distal radioulnar joint. A The fifth compartment of extensor tendons has been opened. The tendon of extensor digit minimi is retracted and the floor of the sheath is incised. B The joint is exposed. Note rupture of the posterior radioulnar ligament. 1 ulnar head 2 radioulnar ligament 2 1 44 Pollicisation of the index finger Pollicisation of the index finger The procedure of pollicisation consists of transferring a finger to replace a missing thumb.

C The capsule is incised, giving access to the trapezium and the base of the first metacarpal. 2 1 flexor carpi radialis 2 trapezium 1 28 The trapezium: volar approach D, E The trapezium has been removed. A band of tendon from the flexor carpi radialis is prepared to stabilise the first metacarpal bone and to fill the cavity. D 29 Hand and peripheral nerve surgery E 30 The ‘boutonnière’ deformity The ‘boutonnière’ deformity The ‘boutonnière’ deformity associates flexion of the PIP joint with hyperextension of the DIP joint.

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