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Download Aspiration Cytology in the Staging of Urological Cancer: by J. Zornoza (auth.), Lucio Luciani MD, Francesco Piscioli MD PDF

By J. Zornoza (auth.), Lucio Luciani MD, Francesco Piscioli MD (eds.)

After ancient advent, the aspiration strategy and imaging modalities are defined. Thereafter, using aspiration cytology within the prognosis and quite often within the sta- ging of urologic cancers is on nonetheless no longer popular appli- cations of the method within the staging of a few organs (bladder, adrenals, penis, testis and secondary ureteral strictures) are mentioned.

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13. 14]. Furthermore. the urologist should be more inclined to aspirate a minimally suspicious nodule since the biopsy can be performed at the initial outpatient examination. It therefore seems ironic that more than 50 years ago the diagnosis of prostatic carcinoma by aspiration biopsy was first described by Ferguson. a urological surgeon at the Memorial Center for Cancer [15]. The approach was trans perineal using an 18gauge. IS-cm needle. Ferguson injected local anaesthesia into the perineal area and guided the biopsy needle down to the prostatic capsule with a finger placed in the rectum.

Cancer 38:2078-2087 9. Koss lG, Woyke S, Schreiber K. Kohlberg W, Freed SZ (1984) Thin-needle aspiration biopsy ofthe prostate. Urol Clin North Am 11:237-251 10. Tchakarov S (1984) Results of 317 transrectal puncture biopsies of the prostate. lnt Urol Nephrol 16:133-139 11. Ljung BM (1985) Fine-needle aspiration biopsy of the prostate gland: technique and review of the literature. Semin UroI3:18-26 12. Kline TS (1985) Guides to clinical aspiration biopsy. Vol 1. Prostate. 19aku-Shoin, New York 13.

The case of Gibbons et al. appears to be an authentic example of needle tract implantation of renal cell carcinoma following 20 months after FNAB. Two separate attempts at biopsy were made through a posterior approach. No cells were obtained using an IS-gauge needle. Despite the unsatisfactory aspiration, tumour later appeared in the site of the needle tract. Interpreting this case is difficult. It is stated that tumour was removed intact via an anterior subcostal transperitoneal approach. The exact relation of the surgical incision to the aspiration is not described.

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