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;Armes Militaria journal HS 10 - geographical region Of Germany (II) in the course of Reich КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: Armes Militaria journal HS 10 - geographical region Of Germany (II) in the midst of Reich Издательство: Histoire & CollectionsГод / месяц: 1993/10 Формат: pdf,rar+3% Размер: 26,7MB Язык: французский Страниц:83Изображения: ч/б и цветные фотографии, цветные рисунки, карты zero

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Among the eastern peoples, the Bastarnae seem to have been a much greater force than is often realized. They are mentioned by sources dating from the third century bc to the fourth century ad, usually in relation to the lower Danube basin. They seem to have arrived there during the disturbed third century bc, probably from the Vistula valley. It is far from certain that they were a Germanic people, whatever that may mean at so early a date. The wide range of their operations prompts the suspicion that they were either a nomadic or a semi-nomadic people.

The Germanic material in the grave included pottery and military equipment, notably a series of spurs. The date of this magnificent assemblage can be placed between ad 160 and 175 and probably about ad 170, thus in the early phase of the Marcomannic Wars. The leader buried here had clearly enjoyed a close relationship with Rome before the outbreak of hostilities in the 160s. His role, if any, in the ensuing wars is unknown. In the circumstances of the time, he may have been content to maintain a low profile and wait upon events.

Its origins seem to lie in the second century ad and its seed-bed was fairly certainly the Scytho-Sarmatian semi-nomadic population. Imports from the Roman world were common, especially wine, pottery and metal goods, and the technical advances evident in the Cjernjakhov material may well have been stimulated by craftsmen from the Graeco-Roman Black Sea cities. The main debate over Cjernjakhov, however, has centred on its relations with the Gothic advance into this region in the earlier Roman Iron Age.

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