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By Suraiya Faroqhi

This ebook is a set of essays on Ottoman background, targeting how sultans of the Ottoman Empire have been considered by means of the general public.

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Thus Sultan Murad is depicted as having gained major victories over the 'heretic' Ktztlba§, although from Evliya's account, it is clear that by the seventeenth century the religious differences between Sunnis and Shiites were less important than the political rivalry between the two rulers involved. In this respect, Evliya's stories thus reflect the ideals, rather than the realities, of his time. However our author does seem to have had some qualms over the absence of any visible commitment on the part of Murad IV to war against the 'infidels'.

86-88. thout column s , a descnphon d1�cult to accept given the notable , presence of the elephants feet . He seems to have used th 1s phrase as a cliche. Therefore 1 am not sure �hether on. of his description, we should accept that the original t e late eighteenth century, really had a dome restin �osque of Eyup, before 1ts rebu1ldmg ·� h d1rectly on h t� wall�. contrary op1mon, see Aptullah Kuran, "EyUp KUIIiyesi," in TUia Artan ed E y ii p: Dun/ Bugun. J/-12 Aral1k 1993 (Istanbul: Tarih Vakf1 Yun Yaymlan• 1 994)• pp.

According to Evliya <;elebi, �urad IV gi�ed not o0:e but �o swords r : namely that of Selim I and that of the Prophet htmself (Evhya <;elebt, Evl1ya Celeb1 Seyalullfrlimesi, vol. I , ed. Gokyay, P· 92). �1995), 1994), 76 A N O T H E R M I R RO R F O R P R I NC ES Religious elements in the sultans ' processions: elements of a common language? But at the same time, these festive events were carefully observed by foreigners as well. 1 Moreover such foreign observers would also have known that parades usually had some religious significance.

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