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By Joseph M. Bocheński

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455 b 26; De Part. an. ; 642 a 9 g . - De Int. 9. 19 a 238. 5 56 ARISTOTLE is again subdivided into absolute (&ABs) and temporal (xatdr xedvov), with different logical properties. at ~ Z & X E L V ) offers the most complex problems. The two basic kinds of contingency’ are the bilateral (E) which is sometimes called by Aristotle “contingency as defined” (scil. in An. Pr. A 13)8 and the unilateral (0). We shall reserve the name of “contingent” for sentences containing the ‘‘ZvddXXnaL’’ taken in the former meaning and call those which contain it in the second meaning “possible”.

25 ib. 408. - 28 An. Pr. A 4, 26 a 23g. - 27 ib. 258. - 28 An. Pr. 5, 27 a 58. - 29 ib. 9-14. - 30 ib. 32f. - 31ib. 37f. - azAn. Pr. ; A 7, 2 9 a 37f. - 3 3 i i b . - 34 An. Pr. ; actually: ‘ M a s . SiPI. - 35 ib. 11; actually: ‘MiS. M a p . Sip’. - ib. 17g. ; actually : ‘Mas. SOP’. - 87 ib. 33f. - 38 An. Pr. A 7 , 29 a 238. 24 FORMAL LAWS O F ASSERTORIC SYLLOGISTICS * 9. 67. * 9. 68. * 9. 69. 3. 3. PeS 53 (Baralipton) (Dabitis) (Celantes) 39 It is worth while to note, however, that assuming the Aristotelian theory of the major and minor term (ch.

10. 221. 10. 222. 10. 223. N ( S z )3 N ( P z ) N(SeP) = ( z ) . N(P2)5 N ( S O P )= (32). N ( - P) Similar laws may be obtained from the above by substituting “E” for “N” (these will be referred to henceforth by the above number followed by “E”). Indeed, one of the most striking aspects of the Aristotelian modal syllogistic is that the principle “peiorem semper sequitur conclusio partem” which applies to assertoric syllogisms does not apply here. g. (10. N ( S a P ) (1) and also (10. SeP. Most of these laws become valid, indeed, if we assume 10.

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