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By Neal Stephenson

El planeta Arbre estuvo al borde del colapso hace miles de años. Los nuevos intelectuales, los avotos, se reunieron en monasterios para iniciar un nuevo tipo de vida de reflexion sin elemento religioso alguno. El ritmo de evolucion y cambio de los avotos es lento, mientras el planeta sufre todo tipo de transformaciones. Ahora, casi cuatro mil años despues de l. a. Reconstitucion y l. a. fundacion del sistema cenobitico, el Poder Secular parece ocultar que hay una nave alienigena orbitando el planeta. Descubrirla, establecer contacto y comprender a esos extraños seres procedentes de otro lugar es el gran trabajo que espera al protagonista, fra Erasmas, discipulo del heterodoxo Orolo.. / Anathem, the newest invention by way of the hot York occasions bestselling writer of Cryptonomicon and The Baroque Cycle, is a powerful construction: a piece of serious scope, intelligence, and mind's eye that ushers readers right into a recognizableyet unusually invertedworld. Fraa Erasmas is a tender avout dwelling within the Concent of Saunt Edhar, a sanctuary for mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers, protected against the corrupting affects of the skin ""saecular"" international by way of historic stone, commemorated traditions, and intricate rituals. Over the centuries, towns and governments have risen and fallen past the concent's partitions. thrice in the course of history's darkest epochs violence born of superstition and lack of knowledge has invaded and devastated the cloistered mathic group. but the avout have regularly controlled to conform within the wake of disaster, turning into out of necessity much more austere and not more depending on know-how and fabric issues. And Erasmas has no worry of the outsidethe Extramurosfor the final of the negative occasions was once lengthy, some time past

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Evidently Pigface had abstracted them from local headquarters and taken them home to study at leisure. He scanned these papers rapidly. It soon became clear that the three unknowns had earned the enmity of the government by nursing political ambitions. They were potential rivals of those already in power. The case-histories said nothing to indicate whether they were now living or dead. The implication was that they were still alive, with their fate yet to be decided, otherwise it seemed hardly likely that Pigface would waste time on such documents.

Every time a door slammed or a window rattled he awoke, nerves stretched, body tense. A couple of times he wondered whether a top priority radio-call was beating the train to its destination. ` There was no check on the way. The train slowed, clanked through the points and switches of a large grid system, rolled into Pertane. Its passengers dismounted, all of them sleepy and a few looking half-dead as they straggled untidily toward the exit. Mowry timed himself to be in the rear of the bunch, lagging behind with half a dozen bandy-legged moochers.

He felt disappointed, having hoped for news of a Terran Intelligence agent somewhere on Jaimec. But of course even if there was one they wouldn't tell him. They'd lie about it. They'd give him no information that Kaitempi persuasion might force out of him. "How about this Kaitempi card and embossing machine? " The voice went away for more than an hour, returned with, "Sorry about the delay. Distance takes time in any terms. You can keep that stuff and use it as you think best. I. got a card recently.

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