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Download An Interpretation of the Logic of Hegel by Errol E. Harris PDF

By Errol E. Harris

From the Preface:
The goal of this remark is to render Hegel’s common sense intelligible to the uninitiated and to dispel the varied misconceptions that have collected round it and round Hegel's philosophy mostly. No try out has been made to track traditionally the advance of the common sense via its quite a few models, or to provide a biographical account of Hegel’s philosophical improvement. This has been performed via different writers with whom i've got no wish to compete. My item has been in simple terms to understand the kernel of Hegel’s notion and to penetrate, as far as i will, the obscurities of his writing, in addition to, the place valuable and conceivable, to provide an explanation for and kind out a few obvious anomalies within the association of the fabric.

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Sample text

If it is said that God is wise by wisdom, great by greatness, eternal by eternity, one by unity, God by divinity, we believe that he is great just (non nisi) by the greatness which is God hirnself, eternal just by the eternity which is God hirnself, one just by the unity which is God hirnself, God just by the divinity that is hirnself: that is, it is by hirnself that he is wise, great, eternal, one God. (Denzinger, 1951, no. 389) We believe and confess that only God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is eternal; there are no realities (res) at all that are attached (adesse) to God and are from everlasting and are not God whether relations, or properties, or singularities or uniters, or anything else ofthe kind.

The reading 'Wisdom, which belongs to God', with a qualifying relative dause, is ruled out by the view that 'wisdom' both is not a singular term and essentially carries a possessive with it; on that assumption, it is as absurd as taking 'the square root of 4' to mean 'the Square Root - which belongs to 4'. 32, a. 3 ad 3). And this is no contradiction any more than it is a contradiction to say that the square and the cube are different functions but the square of land the cube of I are the same number.

They can, but in one way only - by moving bodies around. Aquinas uses the analogy of a cook (la, q. 110, a 2 ad 3), and it will be helpful to work this out in detail. A cook mixes, stirs, strains, puts pots on the flame and takes them off; all of this is what Scholastic jargon calls local motion. The following of the desired effect upon his manipulations is now independent of his will; the idea ofhis masterpiece has no causal influence on the contents ofthe pot; wh at happens then is a matter of the active and passive powers of the flame, the pot, and the ingredients - he moves things around so that the right agents operate at the right time.

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