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By Solomon Zeitlin

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Tan. 70d. -ni= ;ii n,n r'yn i-it: nwyn. CANONIZATION OF THE HEBREW SCRIPTURES 155 lyptic nature, which were written in the Hebrew language, or in the Greek language, were considered ,nilmnmv'iD and these books were prohibited from being read, and anyone who read these, according to the rabbis, would not share a portion in the world to come, while such books which have no connection whatsoever with Judaism,"7 as the books of Hamerum (Homer), were not prohibited from being read. The early Jewish literature may be divided into two sections p a the Holy Scriptures, and the Extra-Canonical Books nz ripn l which occurs in modern Hebrew ,alxn D,I D.

Had they made a thorough investigation of the tannaitic literature, they would not have come to such a hasty conclusion. The institution of the Great Synagogue was not a myth and the rabbis did not invent it. It was a reality and it had great influence in helping to shape the history of the Jews during the Second Commonwealth. "7 M. San. X, 1. ,r-= D mn iy'l p'n mni 1'aWilii npmpn [ -iDnm -,py 'i .... IIM,my5 la ',-IDI ,TD ]= ,-',D ]laz mx,nni; Yer. ibid. 28a tnlpn. mn , ',9D nt m'bm:bH'lp~ ,1n.

San. VI, 6. 110On the texts, editions, and literature see Charles, pp. 242-247; Schtirer, Gesch. III. 152 ZEITLIN gods, and demanded that Nebudhadnezzar alone should be worshipped as God. The Jews who had but lately returned from the Exile, resolved to resist Nebuchadnezzar with all their might and to defend their country and their religion. Joakim, the high priest in Jerusalem, sent instructions to Bethulia to stop the passes leading to the Capital. Holofernes called a council of officers to decide how to proceed with the campaign against the Jews.

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