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Download An Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes: Volume 7 by T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.) PDF

By T. C. Hsu, Kurt Benirschke (auth.)

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The karyotypes presented here are gifts of Dr. Alfred L. Gardner, who collected the specimens from San Jos~, Rio Sta. Rosa, Depto. Ayacucho, Peru. Lung biopsies were used to initiate cell cultures of the male specimen, and bone marrow was used for cytological preparations of the female specimen. The voucher specimens are deposited in the Museum of Zoology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. L. : Parallel evolution of multiple sex-chromosome systems in the Phyllostomatid bats, Carollia and Choeroniscus.

Volans 2n= 56 Volume 7, Folio 303, 1973 Order: Family: DERMOPTERA CYNOCEPHALIDAE Cynocephalus variegatus C. volans (Flying lemur) 2n=56 AUTOSOMES: 14 Metacentrics and submetacentrics 40 Acrocentrics SEX CHROMOSOMES: X Metacentric Y Acrocentric Since flying lemurs are difficult to obtain and since we happened to have one specimen of each species, we decided to present both species in one folio. Judging from our meager data, the karyotypes of ~. variegatus and C. volans appear identical. Among the acrocentrics, one pair can be singled out by the possession of a knobly second arm, the small size and the appearance of a secondary constriction near the centromere.

Genet. 46:61, 1971. : Chromosome studies in some primates. Chromosomes Newsletter 13:4, 1972. Mammalian PRIMATES Vol. 5, Folio 244 5) Rum~ler, Y. : Etude cytog~n~tique de quelques hybrides intraspecifiques et intersP~cifiques de L~muriens. Ann. Sci. Univ. Besan~on ~ 1, 1969. PRIMATES Vol. : A case of abnormal chromosome number in a female Aotus trivirgatus (Humboldt, 1811) (Cebidae, Primates). Genen Phaenen 14:51, 1971. A. : The chromosomes of Aotus trivirgatus Humboldt 1812. Folia primat. ]2:264, 1971.

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