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Download America's wars in Asia: a cultural approach to history and by Philip West, Steven I. Levine, Jackie Hiltz PDF

By Philip West, Steven I. Levine, Jackie Hiltz

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These experiences have led me to formulate several working hypotheses about public memory: (1) the "finished product," a moving memorial service or tightly woven museum exhibit, for example, "hides" from our view the contentious nature of its construction, a process that tells us much more about the issues judged important by "memorial construction workers" (veterans, politicians, museum professionals, historians, opinion shapers of various kinds) than it does about the event being commemorated.

Just five years after the fall of Saigon, the Senate voted unanimously to approve a war memorial in the central space of Constitution Mall next to the Lincoln Memorial. Republican Senators Charles McC. Mathias, John Warner, and Barry Goldwater were instrumental in generating official support for this project. The polyphonic silences of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial also caution the historian not to rely exclusively on the powerful unofficial memories of the antiwar movement. For those of us who were part of that movement in the 1960s and 1970s, the memorial implores us to recognize that our passions, too, were more polarizing and less healing than we liked to think at the time.

Remembering 8. My Pacific War Revisited Merrel Clubb 145 9. A Double Exposure of the War Ahn Junghyo 161 10. Through American Eyes: Combat Experiences and Memories of Korea and Vietnam Colonel Harry Summers, Jr. 172 11. The Korean War at the Dinner Table Pingchao Zhu 183 12. Myth of the Heroic Soldier and Images of the Enemy James Z. Gao 192 Part IV. Comparative and Historical Perspectives 13. The Age of the World Target Rey Chow 205 14. Controversies Surrounding the Asia-Pacific War: The Tokyo War Crimes Trial Kentaro Awaya 221 15.

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