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By Charles Stross

The Singularity. it's the period of the posthuman. man made intelligences have passed the bounds of human mind. Biotechnological beings have rendered humans all yet extinct. Molecular nanotechnology runs rampant, replicating and reprogramming at will. touch with extraterrestrial lifestyles grows extra drawing close with each one new day.

Struggling to outlive and thrive during this sped up global are 3 generations of the Macx extended family: Manfred, an entrepreneur dealing in intelligence amplification know-how whose brain is split among his actual surroundings and the net; his daughter, Amber, at the run from her domineering mom, looking her fortune within the outer approach as an indentured astronaut; and Sirhan, Amber's son, who unearths his future associated with the destiny of all of humanity.

For whatever is systematically dismantling the 9 planets of the sunlight method. whatever past human comprehension. whatever that has little need for organic lifestyles in any form...

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I've been meaning to go down there and look at it. LM: That's like your analogy of the fish inventing an aquarium it can take up onto land. wB: Sure, that's exatly what it is-a giant aquarium. And there are so many technical difficulties involved. They've got a lot to think about: temperature control and all that, sewagedisposal. JM: As far as you know, is any serious researchbeing done in the other direction-things like astral projection? wB: I don't think so. Of course, Bob Monroe, who wrote Journeysout of the Body, is still experimenting down in Afton, Virginia; he's got machinesto facilitate leaving the body, I think.

He's the greatestnovelist who ever lived, far and away. You can see a lot of Conrad in my recent work. And Graham Greene,too. LM: After spending all that time in placeslike London, New York, Paris,and Tangier,what made you decideto move to Lawrence,Kansas? WB: Out of all the questionsin the world, I've been askedthat one so many times recently that I'm sick of it. Well, things just don't work that way. James Grauerholz was living in Lawrence, and I had visited there severaltimes. I'd looked at Boulder as a possibility, and I decided I didn't want to live there.

Burroughs 33 evolution of SF-has been his thematic preoccupation with reality-asfilm, drug addiction, information control, and the technological/biological/psychologicalmanipulation of people who have grown addicted to words, images,sex, and other thanatological substances. The human tendency to control and destroy others for greedand sexualgratification; the ongoing human need to resistthe destructive impulses of others and themselves;a common search for somemeansby which to transcendour personal,biological extinctionthese and many other timeless issuesare examined in a body of work that is "science fictional" in the tradition of Jonathan Swift.

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