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Download A Tale of Two Cities (Webster's Chinese-Traditional by Charles Dickens PDF

By Charles Dickens

This version is written in English. in spite of the fact that, there's a working Chinese-Traditional word list on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are lots of variations of A story of 2 towns. This variation will be u

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Fragment: 碎片. fried: 炸. furrow: 沟. garment: 衣装, 衣服. gleam: 一线微光, 微光. grinding: 磨的, 磨削. husky: 壳的. inscription: 题字, 题词, 铭刻. loaf: 一块面, 游荡. offal: 下脚料. porringer: 粥碗. potato: 马铃薯, 土豆. prevalent: 流行, 流行的, 盛行. rags: 碎布. saintly: 圣洁地, 圣洁的. scanty: 缺乏地. shred: 碎布条. smokeless: 无烟的. stench: 臭, 恶臭. undergone: 经历. vestige: 痕迹, 遗迹. winding: 曲折, 弯曲. 34 A Tale of Two Cities knitted%into the likeness of the gallows-rope they mused about enduring, or inflicting. The trade signs (and they were almost as many as the shops) were, all, grim illustrations of Want.

Happened: 发生. hopeless: 不可救药, 不可收拾, 绝望, 绝望的. instrument: 工具, 仪器, 乐器. knife: 刀子, 刀, 餐刀. laboured: 吃力的. length: 长度, 长短, 篇幅, 长, 一节, 一段. near: 近, 靠近, 接近, 比邻. occasion: 时机, 机会, 场合, 场面. pauses: 暂停. proceeded: 进行. ruined: 破败, 毁坏. single: 单一, 单独的, 单身的, 唯一的, 选拔. skirt: 裙子. spectators: 观众. stooped: 弯腰. stooping: 弯腰. striking: 引人注目, 引人注目的. thrill: 颤抖, 发抖. tones: 音调. visibly: 看得见地, 显然. Charles Dickens 49 Her golden hair, which she wore in long curls, had been hurriedly pushed aside, and fell down over her neck.

Pair: 对, 一对, 双. pale: 苍白, 苍白的. pause: 暂停, 停顿. seeing: 有鉴于. shoe: 鞋. shoemaker: 皮鞋匠. surprise: 使吃惊, 惊奇, 惊骇. transparent: 透明, 透明的. unsteady: 不稳固的. usual: 通常, 寻常, 一般的. vacant: 空白的. visitor: 旅游者, 来宾, 访问者. wandering: 蜿蜒的, 徘徊, 徘徊的, 流浪. 46 A Tale of Two Cities "I forget what it was you asked me. " "It is a lady's shoe. It is a young lady's walking-shoe. It is in the present mode. I never saw the mode. " said Defarge. Now that he had no work to hold, he laid the knuckles of the right hand in the hollow of the left, and then the knuckles of the left hand in the hollow of the right, and then passed a hand across his bearded chin, and so on in regular changes, without a moment's intermission.

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