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Download A Little Learning: Broodings from the back of the class by Libby Purves PDF

By Libby Purves

This vigorous choice brings jointly journalist and broadcaster Libby Purves’ reviews as journalist, mum or dad, governor and previous scholar of part a dozen varied colleges from Bangkok to Tunbridge Wells, exhibiting her eclectic and provocative evaluations and concepts on educating and studying. This selection of the simplest of her writing within the occasions academic complement covers - occasionally thoughtfully, occasionally satirically - every thing from nationwide coverage to the oddities of headteachers and the constraints of IT. schooling execs through the years have acquired her outsider view with enthusiasm, laughter, thought and coffee fury. From ministerial insanity to the pitfalls of uniform and the vagaries of little ones, this booklet is devoted to the enjoyment of a cadre of pros Libby as soon as deliberate to affix, till she misplaced her nerve. it truly is committed, with thank you and admiration, to all academics.

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You end up writing letters to the papers beginning with the announcement that you were a headteacher for 26 years, which unaccountably causes the letters editor to put it on a pile marked ‘Fillers’. And, because you are a decent type with a sense of humour, you accept all this powerlessness and get on with the rest of your life. It is a common experience. I am sure that Mr Woodhead is entirely prepared for the fact that from now on, none of the teachers, heads, inspectors or parents who once stood in awe of him has to listen to a word he says.

Blah, 42 A Little Learning blah . . something about me . . Cambridge boxing blue . . MA . . PGCE . . oh yes, and I have run the London Marathon twice in under 4 hours . ’ Or: ‘Following teaching posts at Bogstandard Comprehensive, voted most improved school in its LEA, he headed the liberal studies department . . a trained counsellor, Mr Fitball has completed the London Marathon six times . ’ You just look, if you don’t believe me. There are hundreds of them. As I write, I gather that Sir Dexter Hutt, executive head of the Ninestiles federation of secondary schools in Birmingham, is planning to run in his third (the last being seven years ago) and has set himself a target of doing it in under 3 hours 45 minutes.

Mr Woodhead is a clever chap and probably knows this already, but even so it may come as a shock when it actually happens. After all, it happens regularly to other eminences. I am told (mainly by the spouses, I must admit) that nothing is tougher than the first year after a headteacher goes cold turkey and has nowhere to be head of any more. They find it a relief to get rid of the paperwork and the aggravation, but are caught on the back foot by the cruel loss of gravitas. Imagine: you have years of striding on to a podium in an awed hush, and being permitted to deliver any old cliché without catcalls or insurrection.

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