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Download A Chain of Kings: The Makassarese Chronicles of Gowa and by William Cummings PDF

By William Cummings

The chronicles of Gowa and Talloq are an important historic assets for the examine of pre-colonial Makassar. they've got supplied the elemental framework and lots more and plenty of the knowledge that we own concerning the origins, development, and growth of Gowa in the course of the 16th and 17th centuries. in this interval Gowa and its shut best friend Talloq turned the main strong strength within the jap Indonesian archipelago, and historians have relied seriously at the chronicles to chart the advancements of this era. to be had for the 1st time in English translation, the 2 texts will provide historians and different students a useful beginning on which to base interpretations of this important position and time in Indonesian background. This quantity is needed studying for students of pre-modern Southeast Asia, together with historians, linguists, anthropologists, and others. complete textual content (Open entry)

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Fearful, Karaeng Tunijalloq fled into Boné. The ruler of Boné then was called I La Bongkang. While the karaeng was in Boné he was twice wounded by darts. He married while in Boné. She whom he married was also Makassarese, named I Kare Pate, the child of I Kare Mangenjeng, one from Polombangkeng who had fled there. While the karaeng was in Boné he was much liked by the Arumpone. When Tunipalangga died, a summons came from his father. Eight nights after his uncle’s death102 he arrived there. He then married Karaeng ri Lakiung.

His karaeng-title was Karaeng Buluq Sipong. He married his first cousin, a child of Karaeng Barombong, named I Tadumai and had children Karaeng Paqbineang and Karaeng Garassiq. 112 Another wife113 was I Loqmoq Pareq. She also had one daughter who was married by Karaeng Lekoqbodong, named I Sambali, and had a child I Ralung who was married by I Daeng Mangalle and adulterous with Daeng Bombong. 114 Another of his slave wives was I Sambe. After the karaeng died she gave birth to a daughter named I Kawateng.

The royal name of Karaeng ri Dataq was I Daeng Marinyo. His personal name was I Karisa. 95 Only the child of a metalworker did he marry. They had children: Karaeng ri Katapang and siblings. There was a slave of one from Parigi whom he married. They had children: I Jamo and I Daeng Makanang. Another slave of one from Kalli-Kalli he married. They had a child: I Kare Kontu. He married one from Galesong named I Tappo. At Tunipalangga’s death, [29v] Balu Maqlonjoka was married again by another child of I Tunipasuruq.

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